Upload a file step

# What to use the Upload a file step for

Use the Upload File step to attach files to an email and even automate uploading images to social media. This step is a ubiquitous step designed to work with file upload fields.

You can use this step to upload files to:

  • CMS pages
  • Social media platforms like Twitter
  • Digital Asset management sites
  • Government websites
  • E-commerce stores
  • NFT websites

Currently, the Upload and Download steps only work in conjunction with the Axiom Desktop Application, you can install the app by clicking here. We also now have Google drive steps that allow you to upload and download files in the cloud.

# Configuration

# How to configure the upload a file step

First up, select the file input field you wish to upload your file to. You do this with the selector tool click 'File Input Field'. The display will transform into the selector tool. Next, click on the input you wish to upload to and confirm your choice.

A custom selector option is available. We only recommend using this if the selector tool fails to find the element.

# Folder

Set a folder use wish to upload from, copy and paste a path to the folder or use the 'select' button to find the file.

Configuration settings

    Step type