Get 2 hours of bot run time for free, sign up to one of our packages for more!

Run time is counted from when your bot starts running to when it finishes - you can spend as long building as you like. Stopped runs or errors don't count, either! The maximum duration of a single run during the free trial is 30 mins.

Axiom Starter


  • 5 hours of monthly runtime
  • Single-Run Limit: 1 hour
  • E-mail Support
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Axiom Pro


  • 30 hours Monthly Runtime
  • Schedule bots daily
  • Zapier + Integromat integration
  • Webhooks
  • Single-Run Limit: 2 hours
  • E-mail Support in 2 business days
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Axiom Pro Max


  • 100 hours Monthly Runtime
  • Schedule bots hourly
  • Run 2 bots simultaneously
  • Zapier + Integromat integration
  • Webhooks
  • Single-Run Limit: 3 hours
  • Slack and E-mail Support
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Axiom Ultimate


  • 250 hours Monthly Runtime
  • Schedule bots every 15 minutes
  • Run 3 bots simultaneously
  • Zapier + Integromat integration
  • Dedicated VPS to store sessions
  • Webhooks
  • Single-Run Limit: 12 hours
  • Slack and E-mail Support
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Runtime: You will be able to scrape approximately 300 pages per hour or populate approximately 180 forms per hour. Runtime can vary depending on the content you wish to scrape or the amount of steps it takes to complete a bot.

Upgrades: Prorated to discount what you've already paid - See FAQ.

🎯 Frequently asked questions

Does Axiom work with Zapier?

At the cloud tier, Zapier can trigger Axiom runs. At any tier, Axiom can send data to Zapier for processing. Any tool that can send or receive webhooks can be configured to work with Axiom, too!

Can anyone run Axiom in the cloud?

All tiers can now run their Axioms in the cloud, with limited run time. Cloud tier users have access to a dedicated server with unlimited runtime.

Does Axiom come with a desktop app?

The desktop application is optional, but is required to allow automations to handle files (below Cloud tier).

Do failed runs count against my Runtime?

No, only successful runs count. That means you can test a bot as much as you want until it works.

Is my data private?

Yes! The desktop version of Axiom processes data on your computer. The cloud version processes data on your own private server. At no point do we store run data or share it with others. The only data we store are your account details, configuration settings for your axioms, and error logs.

Do I need to know how to code?

No, you can make your own bot using a no code point and click interface. We also offer great customer service, just ask if you need help!

I am stuck, can you help me?

Share a screen recording of your use case with us via the support page. We'll get back to you with personalised advice on how to solve your problem.

What is a VPS?

A Virtual Private Server (or VPS), is your always-on dedicated cloud server. The server can be used to store sessions and Chrome profiles, then schedule bots with these any time. This means you won't need to login to run your bots. It can be used in addition to your desktop and regular cloud options, to increase the number of bots you can run in parallel. A VPS is optionally included as part of our Platinum subscription. They are also available separately, or additionally, for $150 p/m. Each additional VPS can provide 744 hours of extra runtime each month. Please contact support@axiom.ai to order a VPS, or to arrange setup.