Download files step

# What to use the Download files step for

Use this step to automate the download of multiple files from a webpage. This step is most useful when downloading files from listing pages, like the ones found on Government websites.

Currently, the Upload and Download steps only works with the Axiom Desktop Application. However, you can install the app by clicking click here. (opens new window)

We now have Google drive steps that allow you to upload and download files in the cloud.

You can use this step to download files from:

  • Amazon Seller Central
  • Social media platforms like Instagram or Youtube
  • Digital Asset management sites
  • Government websites
  • E-commerce stores
  • Legal documents
  • Property records

If you would like to know how to download files from a website, please follow this link for instructions.

# How to configure the Download files step

# Select

Select the files. You do this with the selector tool, click 'Select'. The display will transform to the selector tool. Next, click on the links you wish to download your files.

The Single selector tool comes with several valuable features accessed by clicking custom:

  • Ability to use custom CSS selectors
  • 'Use element text' allows you to click buttons based on the button text i.e. 'Submit'
  • Pass CSS selectors in from data sources like a Google Sheet

Watch these video guides to learn more about the selector tool.

# Folder

Set a folder to download into, copy and paste a path to the folder or use the 'select' button to find the folder. Click 'Insert data' if you wish to pass file paths from a data source into this step.

# Filename

Renaming files is simple. You can type a value or pass a token into the field. A Token could be data from a Google Sheet by clicking 'Insert data'.

Configuration settings

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