Download file from URL step

# What to use the Download file from URL step for

Use this step to automatically download a file from a specified URL to your computer. You can use this in conjunction with other steps to create a web automation that retrieves URLs from various sources such as Google sheets, and downloads the corresponding files. You can also download files locally from a webpage to make your web automation.

You can use this step to download files from URLs:

  • Kept in a Spreadsheet
  • Scraped from a website
  • Stored in a CSV file

If you would like to know how to download files from a website, please follow this link for instructions.

# How to configure the Download file from URL step

# Enter URL

Enter the URL of a file to download. You can also plugin data from other steps. Click 'Insert data' to choose the source of you URLs.

# Folder

Set a folder to download into, copy and paste a path to the folder or use the 'select' button to find the folder. Click 'Insert data' if you wish to pass folder paths from a data source into this step.

# Filename

Renaming files is simple. You can type a value or pass a token into the field. A Token could be data from a Google Sheet by clicking 'Insert data'.

Configuration settings

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