Get date and time step

# What to use this step for

Use this step to return a date and time value as a token in your web automation. There are various formats to select from to produce the correct values for your location. Users often insert the Token provided by the Date step into the 'Enter text' in their web automation. So they can automate web actions like setting a date.

You can use the date and time step to:

  • Pass dates into file names
  • Populate From and To dates in web forms
  • Automate report downloads when a date range is needed
  • Filtering dates on listing pages
  • Tagging scraped content by date, use the 'Append step.'

If we are missing a value or format, let us know we can add it.

# How to configure the Get date and time step

# Select date

Current - get the current date in your location.

Custom - select from preset dates:

  • Last day of previous months
  • First day of this month
  • N* days in the past
  • N* days in the future

# Select Format

Select a date or time, even both. Then choose a format to suit your Zone. If using the date in a file path, use hyphens.

Configuration settings

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