Write data to a Google Sheet step

# What to use this step for

Use this step to output data generated by your Axioms into a Google Sheet. You will also find steps to read and delete data from Google Sheets.

You can use this step to:

  • Write scraped data to a Google Sheet
  • Transfer data stored in CSVs into a Google Sheet
  • Output repporting data into

This step features in many of our bot templates.

# How to configure the Write data to a Google Sheet step

# Spreadsheet

Search in the box for a Google Sheet or just cut and paste a URL into the field.

# Sheet name

Axiom fetches sheet names for you to select or type in a valid sheet name into the input field.

# Data

Select the data use wish to write to the Google Sheet

# Write options - Clear data before writing | Add to existing data

Select 'Clear data before writing' to delete all data before writing any new data; select 'Add to existing data' to write the new data to the sheet without first deleting existing data.

# Starting cell

To start writing to a particular cell in a Google Sheet, enter the column and row information, for example, 'D7'. You will also need to set 'Add to existing data' for this option to work.

# Write method

if you want to write formulas to the Google Sheet set this option to 'User entered'.

Configuration settings

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