Fed up with repetitive browser tasks?

We create bots to automate any web action! Tell us your use case, and our concierge service will build, run, and maintain your bots


Concierge service

  • FREE Feasibility study
  • We build your bots
  • We monitor your bots
  • We maintain your bots
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What can browser bots automate for you?

From data extraction and form filling to file downloads, bots can automate virtually any repetitive task you perform in the browser. If you're still handling these tasks manually, stop now and let us create a bot for you.


How our concierge service works

Share your use case with our concierge service. We'll do a FREE feasibility study and offer a fixed fee for the build; once complete you then you subscribe to Axiom.


Share your use case

Please create a screen recording that walks us through your use case, highlighting the actions you wish to automate.


FREE Feasibility study

We will evaluate your use case to ensure it aligns well with the technology and provide a fixed price for the bot.


We make your bot

We will build your bot and, once it's finished, schedule a video call to demonstrate how it works teaching you how to run the bot.


You Subscribe

Select your subscription level. You have the option to ask us to monitor and maintain your bots. We can provide a quote for these services.


What our customers say

Read all our reviews on Axiom.ai’s Chrome store page.

I have been using this tool for a while now, and I can honestly highly recommend it. Whenever I encountered issues that I couldn't resolve on my own, I received excellent support and was helped out, repeatedly. Thanks to the whole team.

Pavel Černoch

This browser automation software is amazing!!! I set out to find a quick way to grab some information off of a website for my business. After I started using it, I found out just how powerful it can be. It is so customizable that it can really be used to do anything a human can do when looking up website information, and it can store all of the information automatically in Google sheets for further processing. It can even deploy ChatGPT to parse through scraped data.

Dave O'Donnell

Great tool! Great customer service! I was able to automate service eligibility for thousands of records. It would take weeks or months to complete that without a bot/automation like Axiom.

Moyses Barbalat

Frequently asked questions

Will my data be private?

We only store basic account information and runtime records. Data processed during a run remains private; we neither record nor store any of it. Moreover, the use of the desktop runner ensures that your data does not leave your network.

Do you charge for each bot build?

Each bot build will be charged separately, however multiple bots can be run on a single subscription.

Will additional requirements alter the price?

If the changes in scope do not equate to additional work, there will be no additional charge.

Do I need to subscribe?

To self-manage and run your bots, a subscription is required. Subscription tiers begin at $15 per month for basic access. Pricing for scheduled bots starts at $50 per month. Monitoring and maintenance are charged in addition to the subscription fee.

Is a maintenance package mandatory?

No, you could simply subscribe and manage the bot or bots yourself.

Do you need a screen recording of our usecase?

We prefer a screen recording and a guide walkthrough, as it provides a detailed point of reference for our bot builders.

Will your require login access to make the bot?

If sharing a login is not possible, we have other methods to accommodate, such as exporting to HTML.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your Axiom account whenever you wish.