Split a name into columns step

# What to use the Split a name into columns step for

This step takes any full name and splits it into its parts - title, first name, last name, and additional name. Useful when scraping LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and you want to send personalised messages. See this LinkedIn template.

You can use this step to:

  • To extract first names to create personelised messgaes
  • Extract names for CRM data
  • Extract first and last name from LinkedIn
  • Extract first names from data in a Google Sheet or CSV
  • Extract names to personalise email campaigns

# How to configure the Split a name into columns step

# Data

Select the data containg the names.

# Column

Enter the column in the data where the names can be found. You can enter either a number (starting from 1) or a capital letter (starting from A).

Please ensure you only enter one value as only the first column provided will be used.

# Fields

Select the fields to split the name into. The order of the parts will be the same as below.

# Output

The step outputs a preview of the split names.

Configuration settings

    Step type

    Manipulate data