Click Multiple Elements step

# What to use the Click Multiple Elements step for

Instruct the bot to click multiple buttons, links, or other elements with a common structure, ideal for listing and feed pages.

You can use this step to:

  • Click buttons on listing pages
  • Interact with buttons in feeds

# How to configure the Click Multiple Elements step

# Select

Click 'Select' to choose the button click you wish to automate. The display will transform into the Single selector tool, then point and click.

The Single selector tool comes with several valuable features accessed by clicking custom:

  • Ability to use custom CSS selectors
  • 'Use element text' allows you to click buttons based on the button text i.e. 'Submit'
  • Pass CSS selectors in from data sources like a Google Sheet

Watch these video guides to learn more about the selector tool.

# Left click | Right click

Toggle off to perform a left click; toggle on to perform a right click.

# Maximum clicks

The maximum number of clicks to perform.

Configuration settings

    Step type

    Web actions