How to automate screenshots

This AI bot template captures screenshots of webpages, operating by reading links from a Google Sheet, loading each page in Chrome, and taking a screenshot, followed by link deletion after processing. The screenshot is downloaded to your desktop.

# Get started: create your Google Sheet

Create a new Google Sheet. You can do this in your Chrome browser by entering the shortcut '', assuming you already have an account. Name your sheet something like 'Automate screenshots’ and set up a tab called 'Website links'.

# Install the Screenshot bot

To install this Screenshot bot click 'Install template'. If you’re a new user, you’ll have to click 'Install Chrome extension' and create a free account before you can edit the template.

Once installed, click 'Start'. will guide you through the steps you need to configure in the app.

# Configure your Screenshot bot in minutes

  • Step 1.0 - Read data from Google Sheet
    • Spreadsheet - Search for the Google Sheet you created. Once found, click to select.
    • Sheet name - Choose the sheet tab called 'Website links'
  • Step 2.0 - Loop through data
    • Step 2.1 - Go to page
      • Enter URL - Click 'Insert Data', select 'google-sheet-data', and choose the column with the links in it
    • Step 2.2 - Save screenshot locally
      • Folder - Set a folder to download to
      • File name - Optional
      • File type - Select file types Jpeg or PNG
      • Overwrite existing file - Optional
    • Step 2.3 - Delete rows from a Google Sheet
      • Spreadsheet - Search for the Google Sheet you created. Once found, click to select
      • Sheet name - Choose the tab you created for website links
      • First row - Set to 1
      • Last row - Set to 1

# Run your Screenshot bot

We suggest running a test first, stopping the bot after a few loops, and reviewing the screenshots.

# Customize your template

Like all Axiom templates, you can use our no-code bot builder to customize any bot according to your requirements. If you wish to download files whilst running in the cloud replace step 2.2 with the Download to Google Drive step.

# Tips

We recommend you watch the video to troubleshoot.

  • Step 1.0 - Read data from Google Sheet
    • Want to set a specific number of loops? Set the 'Last Cell' to something like AE100 to scrape 100 rows
  • Step 2.2 - Save screenshot locally
    • Files not saving - Check folder permissions on your computer

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