How to automate social media posts with a bot

How much time do you spend posting on your social media accounts? Keeping an audience engaged requires being consistently active on your social media platforms, which is time consuming. By automating social media posting, the repetitive manual tasks that took hours are now done within minutes. Using bots to take on your posting tasks is a great way to save time, improve efficiency and maximize the benefits of social media to your business.

# What exactly is a bot?’s bots are powerful tools that you can delegate repetitive tasks to. Think of them as your very own digital helpers. They’re built using a simple step-by-step process - without the need for code - that replicates your actions in the Chrome browser, allowing you to automate a whole range of tasks including posting on soical media websites including Amazon Posts, Facebook, Twitter(X) and many others including Instagram.

The beauty of learning how to create bots is that they can be tailored to your specific requirements and scheduled to run independently, freeing up valuable time.

# How do social media posting bots work?

Social media automation bots run in your Chrome browser and are built to mimic your actions, from logging into the app and opening up the post form. Once open, your bot can populate it from text and files stored on your computer or in a Google Sheet.

# What would you recommend using a social media posting bot for?

You can build bots to handle posting to a wide range of web applications, including Amazon posts, Facebook, Twitter or X posts, Tiktok posts, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, YouTube, Snapchat, WeChat, Weibo, Tencent, Instagram and more.

# Let’s learn how to build a bot that posts to social media

Use’s simple point-and-click interface to create as many social media posting bots as you want. By following the steps below, you'll have a working bot in no time.

# 1. Set up your Google Sheet

Create a new Google Sheet. You can do this in your Chrome browser by entering '' into the address bar.

Don’t forget to name your sheet something like 'Instagram Posts’.

Set up your sheet with the post text in one column and paths to your post images in another.

Set up a second tab on your sheet titled ‘Posted’. In this the bot will record when a post was submitted.

# 2. Start from blank

To build your social media bot from scratch, click on 'Start blank’. This will open the step selector and you can start adding steps to your bot. add first step to build a social media bot

# 3. Add your first step: ‘Read data from Google Sheet’ adding a step

Use the Step Finder to search for ‘Read data from Google Sheet’ and click on it. The step will be added to Axiom for you to configure. read data from google sheet step

In the field called 'Spreadsheet URL', you can search for and upload the Google Sheet you are using as your data source, by name. Once found, click on it to select.

For 'Sheet name' click on the drop-down and select the correct tab.

In the 'First cell' field, toggle the switch and enter 'A1’. This setting tells the bot where to start reading data.

In the 'Last cell' field, click the toggle switch and enter 'A10'. You have limited the bot to read ten rows. This is fine for now, you can increase the amount later once you’ve tested it.

If you want to learn more about Google Sheet steps, watch these videos (opens new window).

# 4. Add the ‘Loop through data’ step

Next, add a new step by entering ‘Loop through data’ into the Step Finder, and adding it. This step will allow your bot to loop through the rows of data stored in the Google Sheet. adding a loop step

# 5. Add the ‘Go to page’ sub step

Staying within the ‘Loop through data’ step, it’s time to add a sub step (click the white ‘Add step’ button). pass data ionto a go to url step

Use the Step Finder to search for ‘Go to page’ and click on it. The step will be added for you to configure.

In the 'Enter URL' field, cut and paste your social media URL. This step will open your platform of choice.

# 6. Add further sub steps needed for the data entry

Continuing within the same step, add further sub steps. You’ll need to add a combination of sub steps that will enter data into the inputs found in the form you want to automate.

You can choose from the following steps:

  1. Click element - for radio buttons (option buttons), toggles and checkboxes
  2. Enter text - for entering data into inputs
  3. Upload file- for uploading files such as images

Use the Step Finder to find and add the right combination of steps for your task.

You will then need to configure each step. Click ‘Select’ to tell it which element to interact with, and the ‘Insert data’ to pass data from the Google Sheet.

The order will likely look something like this: a ‘Click element’ step to initiate post generation, and ‘Enter text’ step to add title and body, and an ‘Upload file’ step to attach image files. A final ‘Click element’ step will be needed to submit the post.

Top tip: you may need to include a ‘Wait’ steps to allow the page to load image files, before the bot progresses on to the next step.

# 7. Add a ‘Delete rows from a Google Sheet’ sub step delete rows from google sheet step

Using the Step Finder, search for 'Delete rows from a Google Sheet', and add it. This is to delete the row of data just entered, preventing the same row from being entered repeatedly.

In ‘Spreadsheet URL’, upload the Google Sheet you are using as your data source.

For 'Sheet name' click on the drop-down and select the correct tab.

Then, in 'First row to delete' enter the number 1 and repeat this in 'Last row to delete', so that both are set to 1. The delete step ensures we do not repost the same content repeatedly.

# 8. Add a ‘Get date and time’ sub step get time and date step automating social media

Add a ‘Get date and time’ sub step by using the Step Finder to search for and add it.

In ‘Select date’, select ‘Current’.

In ‘Select format’, select the date format you require.

# 9. Add ‘Append or Merge Data’ sub step

Add a ‘Append or Merge Data’ sub step by using the Step Finder to search for and add it.

In ‘Data A’, select the post title column in your source Google Sheet. append merge data step

In ‘Data B’ add the current date and time to record the time your post was submitted.

In ‘Append mode’, select ‘Vertical’.

# 10. Add ‘Write data to a Google Sheet’ sub step write data to a google sheet step

Add a ‘Write data to a Google Sheet’ sub step by using the Step Finder to search for and add it.

In the 'Spreadsheet URL' field, search for the Google Sheet you created at the beginning of this tutorial.

In the 'Sheet name' field, select 'Posted'.

In the 'Data' field, select '[append-data]'.

Finally, in the ‘Write options’ field, click the ‘Add to existing Data’ option.

# 10. Ready to test

Before you test, we recommend disabling the last ‘Click Element’ step added, allowing you to test without actually posting.

When you’re ready to test, use the desktop app, by clicking ‘Run with desktop app’.

# 10. Running the bot

You can run the bot in the cloud and the desktop app. If you want to run the bot in the cloud, you will need to share the session or add login steps.

If you want to learn more about scheduling, see here..

# Issues you may encounter with social media posting bot

  1. ‘Enter text’ steps not working? Try reselecting and making sure you’ve inserted the data.
  2. Bot working on the desktop app, but not when run in the cloud? Add Login steps.
  3. Bot doesn’t wait for the image to upload? You may want to use Wait steps to ensure the automation is in sync with the page.

Don't forget we offer excellent customer support. If you need help, get in touch. (opens new window)

# Conclusion

Congratulations, you've learned how to make and use a social media posting bot. With this newly acquired skill, you have built a tool to automate content input and posting, helping you keep your audience engaged. You can use this tool across multiple social media platforms. The sky's the limit with your new super powers!

# What else can I automate with Axiom?

Axiom is a powerful browser automation tool. If you're excited, here are some ideas for social media bots: such as Automating amazon posting, Automating Facebook posting and automating DMs on Instagram. We also have these social media templates, Twitter posting, Facebook posting, Instagram Posts and finally Insatgram DMs.


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