One-click Setup

DM Instagram users and like their newest post from a Google Sheet

Install Chrome Extension

All new accounts get 120 minutes of free runtime

👌 No setup needed
Just click ‘Create new sheet’

To use this One-click Setup Bot, just add a Google Sheet!

Even better click 'Create new sheet' and we will set the sheet up for you, complete with some test data.

So send us a DM! 😊

🎉 Watch how the bot works

The bot works by reading a Google Sheet, looping through each row, loading the profile links in the browser, clicking 'Message', and then sending the DM. Finally, it likes the user's latest post.

Frequently asked questions

Can I personalize the DM?

Yes, you can. Click 'Insert data' in the 'DM' step to pass data, such as names, from the Google Sheet into the DM.

How many DMs can I send a day?

For new accounts, the limit is typically between 20 to 50 DMs per day. More established accounts can send between 100 to 150 DMs daily. Start low and ramp up until you hit the limit.

Will my account get blocked?

proof - If you exceed the DM limits imposed by Instgram then your account will mostly likely be suspened. If you continure to repeadtidly exceed thelimits your account will risk be blocked.

Can I DM multiple accounts?

If you exceed the DM limits imposed by Instagram, then your account will most likely be suspended. If you continue to repeatedly exceed the limits, your account will risk being blocked.

Can this tool automate other Instagram tasks?

Yes, it's possible to adapt the template to log in and out of Instagram accounts. Although it is not an optimal solution for a large volume of accounts.

Can I control the amount of DMs the bot sends?

In the 'Read data from Google Sheet' step, you can specify the first and last rows. For example, set the first row to 'AC2' and the last row to 'AC21'. This will start from row 2 and end at row 21, sending 20 DMs.