How to automate reporting

Do you spend a lot of time logging into multiple web apps to generate and download reports? If so, read on. We’ll teach you how to make a bot to automate that process, and distribute your reports, saving you valuable time.

# What exactly is a reporting bot?

It’s like having your own digital assistant.’s 🤖 bots are highly customizable, and you can use them to automate almost anything in the browser. The beauty of learning to create bots is that they can be tailored to your specific requirements by mimicking your actions. Who wouldn't want an army of personalized digital assistants at their disposal?

# Why would you want to automate downloading reports with bots?

The reason for automating repetitive browser tasks such as reporting is simple: it saves you time and money. Instead of spending the time on repetitive, manual tasks yourself, or employing someone to do so, they’re taken care of by easy to build, no-code bots. Our first ever customer used Axiom to automate Amazon reporting, and it truly revolutionized their workflow.

# What use cases would you recommend using a reporting bot for?

Customizing bots to fit your specific use case is easy with our platform. If you're an agency, you can create bots that log into multiple accounts and download reports from each, across numerous platforms. In e-commerce, we have customers who build bots to download reports from platforms like Amazon. You can either run bots on demand or schedule them according to your preference.

# How does a reporting bot work?

Reporting bots run in your Chrome browser, and are set up to mimic your actions, from logging into web apps, to entering date ranges and then clicking to generate reports. Finally, the bot can download reports and if you want it to go the extra mile, it can distribute them to team members via email.

# Let’s learn how to build a reporting bot with

With Axiom's no-code bot builder, you can create bots for reporting without having to code. Use our simple point-and-click interface to create as many reporting bots as you want. If you follow the steps below, you'll have a working bot downloading reports by the time you get to the end of this article.


# 1. Add first step

To build your bot from scratch, click on 'Add first step’. This will open the step selector and you can start adding steps to your bot. add first step

# 2. Add your first step ‘Go to page’

Use the Step Finder to search for ‘Go to page’ and click on it. The step will be added to Axiom for you to configure. add the 'go to page'# step

In the 'Enter URL' field, cut and paste the URL for the site you want to download the report from.

# 2. Add steps to generate your report

Next, you will need to add a combination of steps to automate generating the report in your chosen system.

The main steps you will find useful are the ‘Click Element’, 'Enter text' and ‘Get date and time’ steps. add the steps required to replicate your actions

Add the steps you need to replicate your interactions with the browser. For example, if you need to enter a date to set the data range you may require the following steps: add the steps required to download report

# 3. Next add the ‘Download file’ step or the ‘Get data from bot's current page’ step

If you want to download a report file, add a ‘Download file’ step (alternatively, you can use the ‘Download to Google Drive step).

If you want to scrape the report data, add a ‘Get data’ step.

# How to configure ‘Download file

First select the file to download, then the folder to download too. You can set your own file name by adding it into the input field. download file step

# How to configure ‘Get data from bot's current page’ step

Click ‘Select’ to tell the bot what data to scrape, and select it using our point and click selector tool. get data off current page step

Set the ‘Max results’ setting to the number of rows you would like to scrape.

# 4. Send email (optional)

If you’d like to email your scraped data to team members, add the ‘Send email’ step, then insert email addresses in the address field. Add your subject, then, click ‘Insert data’ to include your scraped data in the email body. get data off current page step

# 5. Ready to test

And that’s it! Your bot should look something like the below.

Now you’re ready to test with the desktop app, by clicking ‘Run’.

# 6. Running the bot

You can run this bot in the cloud and the desktop app. If you want to learn more about scheduling, See here.

# Issues you might encounter with your reporting bot

  1. Report taking too long to generate on the webpage? You may need to add a wait step to let the report generate before the scrape or download.
  2. File not downloading? Check that your selected folder has the correct write permissions.
  3. Bot working on the desktop but not the cloud? You may need to add login steps. See here.

Don't forget we offer excellent customer support. If you need help, get in touch.

# Conclusion

🥳 Congratulations, you've learned how to make and use a bot to extract reports! With this newly acquired skill 👩‍🎓, you know how to automate scraping data, downloading files and sending emails. The sky's the limit with your new AI 🦸 super powers.

# What else can I automate with Axiom?

If you're excited, here are some ideas for other bots: extract data from your email app (such as Gmail), generate content, and send direct messages on Instagram. We have steps to extract data with AI and to generate text with AI. Take a look at our templates here.


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