Upload a file from Google Drive step

# What to use the Upload load a file to Google Drive step for

Use this step to directly upload files from your Google Drive into any web app. This step works in Axiom Cloud. Previously, files had to be uploaded from the desktop application.

You can use this step to upload files to:

  • CMS pages
  • Social media platforms like Twitter
  • Digital Asset management sites
  • Government websites
  • E-commerce stores
  • NFT websites

We have seperate steps to upload and download files on the desktop.

# Configuration

# File Input Field

Click 'Select' to choose form element to upload the file to. Note that this is only guaranteed to work on standard HTML file upload fields - some customised file upload implementations may not function. Sorry!

# Google Drive file URL

Enter the URL of the file in Google Drive to upload.

Configuration settings

    Step type