Jump to another step

# What to use the Jump to another step step for

The jump step is used to create simple loops or to skip steps that you do not want to execute. It works well will in conjuction with the Conditional jump step.

We use the jump step as part of a technique called batching. This involves looping through steps using a jump step. For example, we start by reading a single row from a Google Sheet; we execute automation using that row's data. Then, we delete the row before moving on to read a new row.

To learn more about batching click here. (opens new window)

We also have templates you can try. (opens new window)

# How to configure the Jump to another step

# Jump to step

Enter the number of the step to jump to if the value is found. You cannot jump to substeps, only whole steps. You can jump up or jump down.

# Maximum cycles

The number of times the step should jump.

Configuration settings

    Step type