Loop through data step

# What to use the Loop through data step for

The 'Interact with a web page' step has sub-steps that automate web actions like clicking on elements or 'Entering text'. However, from Axiom 4.0, this step is no longer used, it will be replaced by new methods for looping and new nesting features. Although this step will still function and all Axioms created with it will continue to work.

You can use this step to combine steps:

  • To automate 'data entry'
  • Scrape multiple 'pages'
  • Social media automation like this 'template'
  • Automate any website actions such as clicks in Chrome
  • To automate file downloads.

# How to configure the Loop through data step

# Loop

Interact steps can loop through rows of data, this function can be disabled.

# Add a Sub step

Add the sub steps required to build your web automation.

Configuration settings

    Step type