Export to CSV step

# What to use the Export to CSV step for

This step exports data from any step in your Axiom into a CSV file downloaded to your Chrome downloads folder when the automation runs. A helpful step when scraping leads to upload into your CRM or when you need to merge a series of CSVs into a single file. Please note that the CSV will not download if triggered from an external service or API in the Cloud.

You can use this step to:

  • Export scraped data into a CSV
  • Use with 'Import CSV' Step to merge CSVs into a single file
  • Turn a Google sheet into a CSV

# How to configure the Export to CSV step

# Export to CSV

Select the data to convert into a CSV file by clicking 'Insert data' inside the Step.

# File name

Enter a name to save the file as. If the file already exists, it will be renamed by the browser download process. You can also 'Insert data' and pass files names from a Google Sheet.

Configuration settings

    Step type