How to automate data entry with Zapier

A starter template for automating data entry with Zapier and Axiom, it comes with the essential steps required. However, once installed, the user must adapt the template to fit the user case adding additional steps if needed. Please note the Zapier App is only available for the Pro Tier up.

If you get stuck, the video shows you how to add additional steps and the options available.

# Install the Zapier bot template

To install this Axiom click 'Install template'. If you are a new user you will be required to create an account before you can edit the template.

# How to set up your Zap to work with Axiom

This guide focuses on how to set up and customise your Axiom. To learn how to set up you Zap - Please follow this guide.

# Set up the step called 'Receive data from another app'

  1. Toggle on 'Test data'. We recommend making your bot using test data. Then, connect your Zap when the bot is completed and tested.
  2. In the box under 'Test data'; Enter either an array of data separating columns by commas and rows by line breaks or in 2d array format as described in the instructions in the step.
  3. Check the data preview then proceed. zapier integration

# Set up the 'Interact with a page's interface' step

This step features all the sub-steps required to enter data into web forms. Such as 'Enter Text' and 'Select lists.' Add and subtract the steps you need, making sure you click 'Enter data' for each step to pass the test data in. Watch the video if you get stuck!

  1. Enter UR - add the url of the webform you wish to enter data into.
  2. Add or subtract the 'sub-steps' you require, making sure you click 'Enter data' for each step to pass the test data in.
  3. Label your steps it makes it easier to debug! See image below. zapier integration entering data into form

# Test run

We always recommed doing a test run - Check the bot is entering the correct data into each field.

# Troubleshooting the Zapier bot

Try the following if your bot is not working. We would also recommend you watch the video to troubleshoot.

  • No test data in preview, check and edit the example you added
  • Bot entering data into the wrong fields, try adding a 'Wait' step of about 1000 (1 Second)
  • Selector not finding input, re-select the input or try a custom selector

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