Launching soon: Axiom 4.0 Takes AI Browser Automation to the Next Level

Meet Axiom 4.0, our enhanced Chrome browser automation tool. This update introduces significant changes, including a redesigned Axiom builder. We've removed the 'Interact’ step and introduced a new 'Loop' step for up to four levels of nesting. In addition, we've tweaked the Step Finder to make it a Notion-like UI experience and added several new logic steps based on user requests. This post will guide you through these new features and show you how to use them effectively.

Before we begin, we’d like to express our gratitude to the team for persistently tackling complex problems and solving them. To our customers, thank you for taking the time to share your valued feedback! Please keep sending us feedback via our support form. We love your ideas.

# Why did we make Axiom 4.0?

In our eagerness to launch our product, we initially made some design choices in the builder that resulted in a more complex UI than necessary. These early mistakes became significant barriers to further improvements. With Axiom 4.0, we've addressed these issues, paving the way for a more streamlined and efficient tool. This marks the beginning of an even more dynamic and promising phase in our product's development.

# What about my old Axioms?

Don’t worry! All of your old Axioms will work in Axiom 4.0 and beyond. The ‘Interact’ step will still function even though it's been retired.

# Ready? Let us take you through the cool new stuff

# New Step Finder

The first thing you will see are the new ‘Beginner snippets’. These are common design patterns used in most Axioms. A great way to start making an Axiom quickly. In the future, we’ll enable users to make and store their own snippets - another feature requested by users. design pattern web scraper

Find below our step categories. We’ve put the steps into categories, allowing you easily find the steps you need. However when using the Step Finder we encourage you to type into the Search bar and press return to add your steps, as you would in Notion. It’s way faster!

Top tip: to add multiple steps at once, simply add a star with a number - like this ‘Enter text *5’. Press return and you’ll see five ‘Enter text’ steps added to your Axiom. design pattern web scraper

# Introducing nesting with our new Loop step

We now have a brand new step called ‘Loop through data’. To find it, search for ‘Loop’ inside the Axiom Step Finder. It does exactly what it says on the tin, it loops any nested steps inside the loop.

The updated Axiom now offers enhanced flexibility compared to the previous version. With the new loop step, you can nest loops within each other, up to four levels deep. Crucially, unlike the old ‘Interact’ step, the ‘Loop’ step allows for the use of any type of step within it, significantly expanding the tool's functionality.

To find the step, type ‘Loop’ into the Step Finder. add loop step

# How to build your Axioms with our new nesting loop step

Anyone looping through rows of data in a Google Sheet should now follow the below design patterns.

# Design pattern for looping through rows of data and scraping content

Now you can nest ‘Write data to a Google Sheet’ and ‘Delete row from a Google Sheet’ steps in the loop. They will write and delete once per loop. This means that if the bot stops or is interrupted for any reason, when the run resumes it will start from where it left off. Previously this design pattern would have required the addition of ‘Jump’ steps. design pattern web scraper

# Design pattern for looping through rows and entering data

By keeping the ‘Delete row from Google Sheet’ step nested inside the loop, the bot will delete a single row once it has been completed. This means the bot will always start from the correct line of data to be processed. design pattern web scraper

# New steps

Logic handling was a big reason why we developed Axiom 4.0. The constraints of not being able to nest made adding logic steps difficult. With that blocker out of the way, these are the first of the new logic steps being added to Axiom.

# If Condition

You can check if a value is true or false - without code - and then execute a series of steps. if condition

Some examples for use of the ‘If condition’ step:

  • Price monitoring - scrape price data and check against previous scrape for value change
  • Check if element is present - scrape the element if found do these steps

# Try / Catch

This step, requested by Axiom users, allows you to execute a specific set of steps if an error is thrown by Axiom. try catch

Some examples for use of the ‘Try / Catch’ step:

  • Web forms - catch error and execute a different set of steps
  • Scraping web pages - catch page break error and try scraping again

# Improved UI for looping, moving, deleting and disabling steps

You will notice the square icon to the left side of any step. Clicking on it allows you to move, duplicate, delete, loop or disable any step. A gray bar will appear at the top of the Axiom builder. Now you can move single steps or combinations. moving,copying and deleting steps

‘Duplicate’ steps are useful for duplicating segments of your Axiom.

Finally, you can select steps and wrap them in a ‘Loop’ step.

# Jump step

This addresses a minor tweak customers have enquired about. You can now jump to sub-steps, not just steps. jump to sub steps

# What's new under the hood at Axiom

We continued beyond just the builder under the hood. The engine has been stripped and rebuilt, improving performance and reliability. We have already released the new engine, and it's been powering Axiom 3.2 for some time. That is why we are now ready to launch version 4.0.

# What’s next for Axiom?

We’re working on a smorgasbord of new features, but before we tell you more, please share your feedback with us. If there's a feature you’d like to see, please reach out, whether it’s a minor UI change, or a brand new feature.

Our next focus is onboarding and helping new users get started.

  • New user onboarding experience
  • AI bot quick builder
  • Video guided templates
  • More logic steps
  • Magic step recorder from browser interactions
  • Full feature debugger

If there are other features you’d like to see us focusing on, do tell us.

# When are we launching?

As soon as possible. The release is complete and we are testing, testing, testing. With the help of some of our users - thank you - Axiom 4.0 will launch in the new year begining of January!

If you want to learn more about what you can do with Axiom, why not read these guides on how to automate data entry, ChatGPT web scraping and social media. They are tailored to use with Axiom 4.0.


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