Send an email step

# What to use the Send an email step for

Use this step to send an email to one or more email addresses. Very useful for confirming an Axiom has run or sharing data scraped from a reporting page with colleagues. Please respect this step and not use it to spam others.

You can use this step to:

  • Send confirmations an Axiom has completed
  • Email colleagues data you have scraped
  • Distribute files you have downloaded

# How to configure the Send an email step

# Email addresses

Enter a list of email adddresses to send to, one email address per line.

All emails are sent from a no-reply email address and you will not receive a reply to any message sent. Messages are rate limited to one per 30 seconds. Please do not use this step to send unsolicited email to third parties!

# Email subject

Add you email subject line in this field.

# Email body

Add you email body in this field. Use 'Insert data' to pass data from any step into your email body.

Configuration settings

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