Select list step

# What to use the Select list step for

This step automates the select list (or dropdown) web action. Select the dropdown you wish to automate and the value you wish to select. Use this step with other web action steps like 'Enter text' and 'Click element' to automate tasks like data entry.

You can use this step to:

  • Automate Select lists when entering data into webforms
  • Interacting with web page to change search filters
  • Configuring web based software
  • Data entry into a CRM
  • When uploading files

# How to configure the Select list Step

# Select

Click 'Select' to choose the select list, then use our 'Selector tool' to highlight the select list your wish to automate.

# Text

Input the option the bot should select or click 'insert data' to pass a value from another step, such as 'Read data from Google Sheet.'

Configuration settings

    Step type

    Web actions