Save screenshot locally step

# What to use the Save screenshot locally step for

Use this step to save a webpage screenshot to your local machine. This is a handy step when making Axiom bots to test websites or do data entry, and you want visual confirmation of the result. If you're going to run your bot in the cloud, taking screenshots try this 'step.'

You can use this step to:

  • Capture the results of UI tests
  • Confirm a web form has been submitted
  • Grab a screenshot of data
  • Help monitor status of a web page

# How to configure the Save screenshot locally Step

# Folder

Set a folder to save to (please note currently only one new folder can be created at a time)

# File name

Enter a name to save the screenshot as. If a file with this name already exists it will be appended with a number e.g. 'screenshot' would become 'screenshot1.jpeg', 'screenshot2.jpeg' and so on unless the overwrite existing file option is used.

# File type

File type to save the screenshot as a Jpeg or Png.

Configuration settings

    Step type