Save page HTML step

# What to use the Save page HTML step for

Use this step to Download the HTML of the current page the bot has open. This can be usefull for automated testing of User interfaces.

You can use this step to:

  • Testing web pages
  • Save HTML of web page to desktop

# How to configure the Save page HTML step

# Folder

Set a folder to save to (please note currently only one new folder can be created at a time)

# File name

Enter a name to save the HTML page as. If a file with this name already exists it will be appended with a number e.g. 'page' would become 'page1.html', 'page2.html' and so on unless the overwrite existing file option is used. Only use 'insert data' if you wish to pass a file name from another step like 'Read data from Google Sheet'.

# Overwrite existing file

Toggle to overwrite exisiting files.

Configuration settings

    Step type