Import CSV File step

# What to use the Import CSV File step for

This step imports data from a CSV into your Axiom. You can then use the data in other automation steps, such as web actions like 'Enter text' Step. For example, import data from a CSV to upload via a web form.

You can use this step to:

  • Import data for data entry
  • Upload multiple CSVs to merge into single CSV for export
  • Import CSV data to upload into a CRM
  • Import data to filter and clean

# How to configure the Import CSV File Step

# Import CSV

Select the CSV file to upload. Manually enter the file path or use 'Click to select.' You can also use 'Insert data' to pass a file name or path from another step as a variable. Combine a string and variable to create a file path if required. If you see corrupted characters, please ensure the file is encoded in UTF-8 format.

# Fist cell

Use the first and last cell settings to specify the data range you wish to import. Will use A1 if no value provided.

# Last cell

Will use ZZ if no value provided

# Output

You will see a preview of the imported CSV data.

Configuration settings

    Step type