Generate text with ChatGPT step

# What to use the Generate text with ChatGPT step for

Generate custom text with AI. We recommend combining this ChatGPT step with the 'Get data from a webpage' step. This design pattern creates a powerful bot that scrapes text and generates responses. Then post those responses using 'Enter text' Steps on any social media site. Requires a Chat GPT3 API key, which is stored locally for security, meaning any Axiom using this step will not run in the Cloud, only on Desktop.

You can use this step to:

  • Generate and send DMs from scraped messages
  • Create and send comment responses from scraped comments
  • Read and respond to emails
  • Generate summaries from reseach data

If you have an idea for a different ChatGPT feature? let us know we can add it.

# How to configure the Generate text with ChatGPT step

# ChatGPT API key

Enter your Open AI API key here, this can be found on your Open AI account page. (opens new window)

The key is stored locally, and will be removed from your computer if you remove the Axiom extension. As a result this will not work with the cloud scheduler.

# Prompt

Add your ChatGPT prompt here. You can also use 'Insert data' to include any available variables from the steps used in your Axiom.

# Outpout

When available a preview will be displayed.

Configuration settings

    Step type