Axiom 4.1 released

# New guided template system

Templates have been overhauled with a new UI and inline instructions to help guide you through the process of setting up axioms - whether for the first time, or when you just need to get set up quickly.

new nestign features in  -

Further improvements are being prepared to templates to make them more user friendly, so watch this space!

# Inline step help improved

New help and help videos are available on all steps when added to the builder.

new help panel for steps -

# Sync all stored cookies

In 4.0, cloud storage of cookies was introduced. Cookies are stored seprately for each axiom, which makes re-syncing them quite awkward if you have many axioms that share the same cookies.

In 4.1, a new button has been added to globally re-sync all cookies of a particular type, which should save some time!

restore broken cookies -

# Search for and edit a particular row in a Google Sheet

A new step has been added allowing you to get the row number of a row in Google Sheets that contains some specified text. This step returns the row number so that you can use it in subsequent write operations, allowing you to edit particular parts of the sheet.

A pre-set snippet has also been added to cover this functionality.

New find rows in a Google Sheet step -

# New datepicker step

Datepickers have long been annoying to deal with in browser automation, due to the number of different implementations that exist. In 4.1, we've added a new step that lets axiom better understand the structure of these datepickers, making many examples much easier to automate.

New automate datepickers step -

# Settings page redesign

The settings page has been getting crowded, so has been redesigned to group information hierarchically and save on screen space.

# Go back to previous axiom

When editing an axiom linked to a parent, the back button now allows you to return to the parent instead of just to the dashboard.

# Configure download wait time

The time that axiom will wait for a file download is now customisable, to cover cases where the download takes a long time to start. This is particularly helpful in cases where large reports are being generated by a website on demand.

set download file time -

# Use your local timezone in Cloud runs

Previously, axiom runs would occur in the UTC timezone when running remotely. In rare cases this can cause discrepancies between the time of a run according to the server, and the time of the run locally.

To resolve these issues, there's now an option to use your local timezone for cloud runs, under Settings. Desktop runs continue to use local timezone information as usual.

schedule Axiom's by local timezone -

# Take partial screenshots

The screenshot step can now be used to screenshot a particular element instead of only the whole page; simply select the element you want to snapshot and axiom will output an image of that section.

Take partial screenshots -

# Minor fixes

  • Token replacement fixed in conditional check steps. Old axioms continue to work as in previous versions.
  • Axiom can now recommend content for new users based on their activity
  • Body selector can now be used in the selector tool, improving the ease of scraping with ChatGPT or other LLMs
  • Wait and random wait steps combined
  • Customisable message added into extension to report on any ongoing issues more transparently
  • Invoices are now kept accessible to users who have previously unsubscribed
  • Fixed issue with xlsx files being interpreted as zip files when uploading to Google Drive
  • Schedules can no longer be set to start in the past, as this was causing confusion in some cases
  • Load times improved for large axioms by only rendering steps that have been scrolled down to
  • First sheet now auto-selected in Google Sheet steps instead of having an implicit default behaviour only
  • Delay setting now works if no element was selected on the "Enter Text" step
  • Updated design of approval screen for Google authentication
  • Fixes to a few issues with the "Test Data" parameter on the "Receive data from webhook" step
  • Fixing issues with punctuation breaking the remove words steps

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