Out in June a new scraper design and tutorial flow

  • New scraper design and tutorial flow
  • New guided step-by step flow for configuring a template
  • The scheduler returns! You can now schedule axioms to run automatically on the pro tier or above.
  • Fixing issues in the scraper with innacurate scrolling and results counting in some cases
  • New step to append two data variables together into one
  • New step to click multiple similar elements in one go rather than having to loop
  • You can now shorten the default waiting time for scrapers that have no results
  • Fixing issues where sometimes the connection to Axiom Cloud would be lost
  • More improvements to error messages and linking to a docs section on commonly encountered errors
  • Now when an error is encountered within an automation that loads another axiom, the error message will indicate in which axiom the error was encountered in
  • Bad filenames are now validated properly when downloading files


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