Out in May our brand new Academy website

  • Improvements to scraper tool which should lead to fewer missing data errors, as well as better speed in many cases
  • New Axiom academy site, replacing old docs
  • Improvements to error messages and validation across the board
  • Added a “report error” button into the scraper
  • “Space” is now supported when providing key presses via data
  • Some puppeteer functions are now usable in javascript steps
  • If your runs are blocked by the concurrency limit, you can now stop all of your running bots in case something is stuck
  • Removed confusing column selection when adding a loop token
  • Several fixes to scraper preview behaviour
  • Fixed a bug in the multiple file downloader that meant only one file would be downloaded when a page change occurred
  • Fixed bug in “Login” step where the username was not entered under some conditions
  • Fixes for several cases where passing data into a custom selector did not work as expected
  • Fixed conditional widgets when criteria were provided by data from another step


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    Two hours of free runtime, no credit card required