Out in April better error messaging for Axiom Builder and Runner

  • “Receive data from another app” step now allows you to add default data to make testing easier
  • Data tokens can now be passed in custom selectors
  • Improvements to selector tool behaviour when no content of the selected type is found
  • Clarifying error messages and step instruction text across the board
  • Paid-only features now much more clearly marked
  • Improvements to validation and error reporting when triggering Axiom via webhook or API
  • Better handling on connections being dropped during long running axiom cloud sessions, when logging out or entering sleep mode etc.
  • Minor brand update for consistency with new website design
  • Fixing an issue with result formatting if an error occurs during a looping bot run
  • Sending a webhook from Axiom now works as you would expect
  • Updated help videos to latest versions


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