New Dashboard design in Axiom this August

  • All remote running bots (scheduled or via Zapier, API etc.) now show up as running in the main axiom dashboard and can be stopped from there
  • Conditional steps now have a “not” toggle, allowing jumping or continuing on error when a condition does not match
  • New, cleaner dashboard design with integrated documentation
  • “Continue on error” now prevents sub-steps within loops from being skipped when there’s an error
  • Speed improvements on select list and when clicking by text
  • Suggest a template banner and link added to step finder
  • Fixes to data replacement within javascript widgets for some data types
  • Alerts now always automatically confirm, and correctly confirm in newly open tabs
  • Improvements to preview result display
  • Duplicate axioms now automatically renamed
  • Download link to desktop app now available under run button


    Install the Chrome Extension

    Two hours of free runtime, no credit card required