New Integromat/Make integration added this July

  • Integromat / Make app integration added. Look out for the axiom app appearing on their platform soon!
  • New “unconditional jump” step - allows you to create more complex loops without having to provide a condition that always passes
  • Added a visual indication when data has been selected in scrapers and other interact steps
  • Improvements to step renaming
  • When your login expires, you can now re-enter your details right there rather than being sent back to the main login page
  • Visual indication of result grouping added, extended scraper tool tutorial to encompass it
  • Step number now available in error messages to help with debugging
  • Added the run time for each bot run to the Reports page
  • Google Sheet previews no longer default to a maximum of 52 columns
  • Improved template setup flow by adding a confirmation when the setup is complete
  • Scraper now better supports pages which load content in via AJAX
  • Fixes to scrolling behaviour during scraping that should work better on some sites, such like Linkedin
  • Fixed several issues with writing to Google Sheets when there were a very large (1000+) number of columns
  • Select list behaviour is now smarter and is able to find elements in a larger variety of cases


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