How to automate Apollo CRM

No more endless tedious clicking required when building a list in your CRM! Apollo can now be automated with Axiom's super simple template. All you need is the URL to a saved search of filtered prospects, and that's it - no complex steps needed. With just these two pieces of information, your leads will be added quickly and painlessly into their own customized list!

FYI Apollo do rate limit your account, do not run this automation too frequently.

# Install the Apollo CRM template

To install this Axiom click 'Install template'. If you are a new user you will be required to create an account before you can edit the template.

# Quick start guide

  1. Go to page, step 1.1 - Add the URL of your leads list. Remember to filter this to enable paging in Apollo.
  2. Enter Text, step 2.6 - Add your list name.
  3. Test your Axiom - Set step 4 maximum cycles to one.

Need help getting the template working? Read on to learn how each step is set up, watch the video or contact support.

# Set up the 'Interact with a page's interface Search URL' step

This step loads the Apollo search page with the prospects.

  1. Go to page, Enter URL - Add the URL here.
automate list building in Apollo with Axiom

# Set up the 'Interact with a page's interface Selecting Prospects' step

This interact step selects the prospects by ticking the boxes on the current page and then interacts with the List drop-down menu to add the prospects to your list.

  1. Enter text, List Name - Add the name of your list here.
Enter the name of your Apollo list

# 'Interact with a page's interface Pager Click' step

This interact step needs no configuration needed.

  1. Click Element - Clicks the pager

FYI we used a custom atribute selector to click the pager '[src='']' watch the video to learn more.

You can also learn about css attribute selectors here.

# Set up the 'Jump to another step Pager Amount' step

This step performs the loop.

  1. Jump to step - It's set to jump to step two because we want to avoid the page reloading.
  2. Maximum cycles - Enter the number of pages you wish to page through.
Enter the name of your Apollo list

# Test run

We always recommend doing a test run - In this case set the pager to 2-3 pages and observe the Axiom running. Then check the prospects are added to your list.

# Troubleshooting this Apollo list automation

Try the following if your Axiom is not working. We would also recommend you watch the video to troubleshoot.

  • The links come out as text - Set the selector type to link not text.
  • Axiom fails to add to list. Check your search in is filtered, they prevent paging if the list is too long.
  • The pager is not working - Re-select the next button or try custom selector.
  • Steps are firing in the wrong order - Add some wait steps to prevent this.

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