How to automate Helium10 Cerebro keyword report downloads

Do you want to spend a lot of time downloading Helium10 reports? This template uses to automate data entry from a Google sheet into Cerebro, looping through ASIN numbers and clicking download each time. Add or remove steps to customize the template to your requirements.

# Install the Helium10 Cerebro template

To install the Helium10 bot, click 'Install template.' If you are a new user, you will be prompted to create an account first.

# Quick start guide

To get started, follow the quickstart guide. However, if you need help, follow the step-by-step guide for this Helium10 Axiom template.

Google Sheet for helium10 automation
  1. Create a new Google Sheet. Insert the ASIN numbers into a new Google Sheet. In Column B, add the word ASIN for each row. At the start of every loop, the Axiom checks for the word ASIN. If not found, the Axiom stops.
  2. Step 1 - 'Read data from Google Sheet' Add your Google Sheet. Set the Sheet Name (First and Last Cells should be A1 and B1).
  3. Step 5.3 - Add your download file path in the field labeled folder.
  4. Step 6 - Import CSV, to get the filename, click insert data and select "all-interaction-data_1". This token contains just the filename. You will still need the file path before the token.
  5. Step 7 - Write the data from the CSV into a Google Sheet. Add a new tab to your sheet for this. Be careful to add the correct sheet name into the step.
  6. Step 8 - Delete rows from a Google Sheet by adding your sheet and selecting the ASIN numbers tab. This step deletes a row, so a fresh row will be processed when the Axiom loops.
  7. Step 9 - Get ready to test, Set max cycles to 3, so the bot only loops three times.
  8. Do a test run, check your output.

Read on for a detailed step-by-step walkthrough of the Helium10 Cerebro automation.

# Start by creating a Google sheet with the ASINs

  1. Create a new Google Sheet. You can do this in your Chrome browser by entering the shortcut '', presuming you already have an account.
  2. Name your sheet something like 'Cerebro test’.
  3. Add a tab called 'ASIN' to your sheet. In Column A, insert the ASIN numbers. In Column B, Add the word ASIN on each row.
  4. Add a final tab called 'Data' where the keywords will be written.
Google Sheet for helium10 automation

# Step 1 - Set up the 'Read data from Google Sheet' step

  1. Spreadsheet - In the field called 'Spreadsheet', you can search for the Google Sheet you created. Once found, click to select.
  2. Sheet name - Choose the sheet tab called 'ASIN'.
  3. First cell - If the links are in column a set to 'A1'.
  4. Last cell - Enter 'B1' the bot will now only pass a single row of data. If you have more than one column of data change the value for example enter 'F1' to include four columns.
  5. You should now see a preview of the data including the ASIN number.
Google Sheet for helium10 automation

# Step 2 - Continue only if a condition is met

In this Axiom step, the bot will stop running if the word 'ASIN' is not found in column B of the spreadsheet. The step is set up and requires no configuration.

  1. Data to check - Is set to '[google-sheet-data]'.
  2. Condition to check - Set to Check the "list of words," The text in the input should be "ASIN".
  3. Word matching mode - Leave set on 'Any'.
  4. Match on word boundary - Leave unticked.
  5. Fail if condition not met - Leave unticked.
  6. Reverse condition - Leave unticked.

# Step 3 - Interact with a page's interface: Input ASIN

This step loads the Cerebro landing page, enters a product identifier into the search field, and clicks "Get keywords." The only configuration required is to insert the URL.

Automate Helium10 Cerebro with
  1. Enter URL to Cerebro page in Helium - The url will look something like this ''.
  2. Enter Text: The ASIN is passed from the Google Sheet using Insert Data. You should see this token '[google-sheet-data?*&0]'.
  3. Press Key(s): The enter key is used to submit the ASIN and activate the "Get Keywords" button.
  4. Click Element: Clicks the "Get Keywords" button to trigger the search.
  5. Click Element: Closes the pop up that appears below.
pop up that appears in Helium10 Cerebro

# Step 4 - Interact with a page's interface: Set Filters

This step opens the settings and ticks the filters. If you want to customize the filters, add or remove steps from step 4.8.

Click the filters in Helium10 Cerebro
  1. Enter URL - Has (skip) inserted to stop a page reload.
  2. Wait - Allows the keyword data to load.
  3. Click Element - Clicks on the cog icon to load the Table Customization options.
  4. Wait - Allows the Customization options pop up to appear.
  5. Click Element - Clicks on the Restore Defaults option using the a text selector.
  6. Wait - For options to change.
  7. Click Element - Removes the Select All settings.
  8. Wait - Allows the options to be removed.
  9. Click Element - Ticks Organic rank.
  10. Wait - Used to make the change above take effect.

# Step 5 - Interact with a page's interface: Download CSV

The third Interact step downloads the keyword report by clicking the Cog icon and then downloading. You will need to set the file path.

Click download csv in Helium10 Cerebro
  1. Enter URL - Has (skip) inserted to stop a page reload.
  2. Click Element - clicks on the cog button to access the download button.
  3. Download File - A file path needs to be set for the bot to work.
  4. Wait - Pauses the bot to allow the file download to complete.

# Step 6 - Import CSV

The import step grabs the data from the downloaded CSV file so we can write the data to a Google Sheet. You will need to set the file path.

  1. Import CSV - Add a file path then after the last trailing slash click "Insert Data" use the [all-interaction-data_2] variable to get the file name. See picture below for example.
import csv from Helium10 Cerebro into google sheet

# Step 7 - Set up the 'Write Data to a Google Sheet' step to store the scraped Amazon Keyword data

The Write Step takes the keyword data from Step 6 and writes it into a Google Sheet.

  1. Spreadsheet - In the field called 'Spreadsheet', you can search for the Google Sheet you created. Once found, click to select.
  2. Sheet name - Choose the tab you created.
  3. DATA - Is set to [imported-csv] to read read the CSV data.
  4. Clear data before writing | Add to existing data - Set this option to 'Add to existing data' or the Amazon product data will be overwritten every run.

# Step 8 - Set up the 'Delete rows from a Google Sheet' step

This step deletes the ASIN previously input into Helium10. Now the Axiom will loop through a new ASIN on its next run.

delete row in google sheets using Axiom
  1. Spreadsheet - In the field called 'Spreadsheet', you can search for the Google Sheet you created. Once found, click to select.
  2. Sheet name - Choose the tab you created for ASINs.
  3. First row - set to 1.
  4. Last row - set to 1.

# Step 9 - Set up the 'Jump to another step' step

This step loops the Axiom; set the number of times you wish to loop. This step should jump to the 'Read data' Step at the start to process a new ASIN.

  1. Jump to step - set the step you want to jump to make the bot loop in this case step one.
  2. Maximum cycles - set the number of loops the bot must perform.

# Test run your Helium10 Keyword bot

We always recommend doing a test run - In the 'Jump Step,' set cycles to a low amount, perhaps 2-3, then click run. Once the run stops, check the correct data is in the Google Sheet.

# Troubleshooting your Cerebro bot

If you encounter an error during the process, don't worry. Take a moment to read and comprehend the error message, and then go back and double-check the instructions for the step in question.

  • Axiom repeats the same ASIN: Check steps 8 and 9 are configured correctly. Make sure all loops on Interact steps are set to off.
  • Not clicking the correct filter: Re-select the filter.

# Axiom Top tips for automating the Chrome Browser

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