Running bots

# Run a bot from the UI

To run a bot, click the "Run" button from the dashboard or from the header of the bot builder.



When the dropdown opens you can select "Run in cloud" to run the bot on our remotely hosted cloud servers, or you can "Run in desktop" to run locally on your machine.

To "Run in desktop" you will need the desktop application installed.

By default, you can only run a single bot at a time. See below for options on how to run multiple bots at the same time.

Bots take a certain amount of time to run, and this time will be subtracted from your total runtime. If you run out of runtime, you will not be able to run any more bots until you upgrade or, if you're a subscriber, your subscription period updates to the next month.

Free users get 2 hours of runtime - this does not get refreshed at the end of the month. Use it to try out if is right for your use case!

# Run a bot from Zapier

To trigger a bot from Zapier, please see Working with Zapier and Webhooks

# Run a bot via scheduling

To schedule bot runs, please see Scheduling Automations.

# Run a bot via API

To learn how to run a bot via API, please see Webhook & API Documentation

# Run multiple bots at once on cloud (concurrency)

Subscribers at the Pro Max tier and higher are allowed to run multiple bots at once on our cloud infrastructure. This applies to manual runs, Zapier and Make connections, API calls and cloud scheduling runs.

# Queue failed runs

In the case of Zapier, Make and API calls, runs that would fail because your account has run out of concurrency are instead automatically deferred for five minutes and then tried again.

This queuing process will repeat until the task has successfully run, but note that if you have far more activitiy in your API than your concurrency level can handle, certain tasks may take a very long time to complete or never run at all. If you need a custom package for your use case, please email and enquire!

# Run multiple instances of the same bot

Each individual bot can only have one instance of itself running. This means you can run multiple different bots at the same time, but you cannot run multiple instances of the same bot at the same time.

If you need this functionality, then you should duplicate the bot you wish to run concurrently. You can do this using the "Save as duplicate" feature, which you can find in the menu at the top of the builder.

Create as many duplicates as you need concurrency. Each duplicate will be a separate item and so will be able to run concurrently along with the other duplicates.

# Run multiple bots at once on desktop

Each installation of the desktop application can only run a single bot at a time. This applies to both manual runs and to using the local scheduler.

To run multiple bots simultaneously, you can set up multiple installs of the desktop application. The standard way to do this is to use multiple computers or virtual machines, install Axiom on each of them, and run the desired bots from there.

If you are using local scheduling to run multiple bots, you will additionally need to set up multiple accounts. Only if the bots are being run manually will you be able to run multiple bots at the same time with a single account.