how to make an auto clicker bot in minutes without code

Frequent mouse clicks can be frustrating; automation is the solution. What if you could create auto-clicker bots in minutes without any coding and fully customize them to your needs? You could build auto-clickers suitable for any browser activity using our chrome extension.

# What are auto clicker bots

Auto clicker bots are software designed to automate clicking actions on a website. These bots simulate mouse clicks at a set interval or in response to certain conditions. They are handy for repetitive tasks where manual clicking is time-consuming.

# How do these bots work

The bots operate by launching a Chrome browser window, loading a specified URL, and interacting with the webpage according to your defined steps.

# Can anyone make a bot to automate mouse clicks's no-code bot-building tool enables anyone to automate browser actions easily. Users create combinations of steps to replicate the actions they wish to automate. It's as straightforward as point and click. No coding skills are required.

# What else could I do with a bot

Bots can automate a wide range of tasks beyond simple button clicks. For instance, they can fill out web forms, interact with elements on a webpage, and send direct messages.

# How to make a basic auto clicker bot

# 1. Install Axiom

To install Axiom and create an account, visit our Chrome Store page*.* While you're there, consider checking out some of our reviews. FYI, all new accounts receive 120 minutes of free runtime, with no credit card required at signup.

# 2. Start from blank to make your autoclicker

To start creating your first autoclicker bot on, start from blank by clicking on 'New Automation' in the top right corner of the dashboard. Next, click 'Add First Step'. This action will open the step finder, where you'll add the steps needed to build your auto-clicker bot. making an auto-clicker with steps

# 3. Add a goto page step

To begin building your autoclicker bot, add your first step by selecting the 'Go to page' step. You can do this by entering 'Go to' into the step finder search field or scrolling down to click 'Interact'. Select 'Go to page' to add it as your first step. Once added, enter the page URL where you want to automate mouse clicks in the 'Enter URL field'. add go to page step

# 4. Add a click element step

Next, in the builder, click 'Add step'; the step finder will appear. Now, search for the 'Click element' step and add it to the bot you are making. Inside the step, click 'Select', then point and click on the element you wish to click. making an auto-clicker with steps

That is your basic bot. When you run it, the bot will open a page and click a button.

# 5. Test your basic bot

Assuming you have the desktop app installed, click run and select 'Run w/ desktop app'. You should see the bot opening a window and clicking the selected button. If the bot closes the window too quickly, add a 'Wait' step when testing at the end.

# How to enhance your bot

# 1. Jump step adding a jump step step

If you want to click a button multiple times, add a 'Jump' step below the 'Click element' step. In the 'Jump' step settings, select 'Jump' step and specify the 'step number' from which you wish to repeat. Then, set the number of repetitions by adjusting 'Maximum cycles'. The jump step will repeat all the steps between it and the step it is jumping back to.

# 2. Loop through data step

This step loops through data passed into from sources such as Google Sheets, one loop for each row of data. All steps can be nested into a loop steps. adding a loop step step

To wrap your steps into a 'Loop through data' step, highlight the steps you will move by clicking on the check box to the left of the step number. A dark toolbar will appear at the top of the builder. In the toolbar, click 'Loop'; the step will be added, and the selected steps will be moved inside.

# 3. Discovering other steps's no-code bot builder features extensive steps that combine to create powerful browser automation bots. It includes steps for reading and writing data from various sources like webhooks, Google Sheets, and CSVs, as well as for scraping and filtering data. Other steps cover web actions such as the 'Enter text' and 'Date picker' steps. Explore the builder's step finder or look on our website for a complete list of available steps.

# Wrapping up

Creating an auto clicker bot with' no-code platform is straightforward and requires no prior coding knowledge. You can automate repetitive mouse clicks by following simple steps to install the tool and start a new automation. Whether enhancing productivity or customizing browser interactions, equips you with the tools to build bots that save time and effort. Explore making even more powerful bots by experimenting with additional steps.

# Do you have your idea for a bot

If this guide only partially meets your needs and you have an idea for a bot you'd like to build, apply the skills you've learned and try it. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team.


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