Browser Automation. Quickly, without code

Save time - use browser bots to automate website actions and repetitive tasks on any website or web app.

Download the chrome extension

Get started for FREE, with 2 hours runtime.

Download the chrome extension

Get started for FREE, with 2 hours runtime.

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Key features

  • Visual Web Scraping
  • Data Entry
  • Spreadsheet Automation
  • Automate any website without code
  • Connect to Zapier, Integromat or Webhooks
  • Connect to ChatGPT for AI Automation

Get started for FREE, with 2 hours of runtime. See pricing

Most browser workflows can be automated.
So we’ve built Axiom to help us work smarter.

Scenarios and use cases where Axiom excels:

Use case

Data collection and analysis

“Saved 63 hours of manual work in the first month alone”

"This browser automation software is amazing!!! I set out to find a quick way to grab some information off of a website for my business. After I started using it, I found out just how powerful it can be.

It is so customizable that it can really be used to do anything a human can do when looking up website information, and it can store all of the information automatically in Google sheets for further processing. It can even deploy ChatGPT to parse through scraped data.

Over the course of my first month using, my Axioms have personally saved me over 3800 minutes (~63hrs) of browsing and collecting information, and a lot more than that if you take into consideration how efficiently it works with no distractions (unlike me - LOL). It's like I hired a part time assistant for a fraction of the cost. Well done Axiom!"

Dave O'Donnell

Use case

Data extraction with GPT and data entry

“2.5 months of work down to 36-48 hours”

"I don’t know where to submit this but I know people love hearing how their tools are saving people time and money.

Axiom just helped me scrape 11,000 emails in a few days and pull sales and tax info out of them with chat gpt. All this gets sent to government for a refund request. I estimate a human would have worked for 2.5 months to do this, but the bots did it in 36-48 hours. Saving me $10,000 in labor on this project.

Also with all your recent updates would love to have you back in my group to talk about your updates and maybe we show off a flow of mine as an example of how axiom and gpt can really level up some workflows."


Use case

Browser process automation

“Advanced and flexible automation software ... nothing ever came close to Axiom”

"Axiom is hands down the most advanced and flexible automation software I have yet to use. I have been automating tasks since I was a kid, I own dozens of apps and developed multiple scripts and nothing ever came close to Axiom.

I recently took a process for one of my clients and managed to reduce their expenses dramatically using axiom: The company had 11 employees, mainly gathering data, enriching it, validating it and loading it into their cold-reach platform. The system i build them helped them cut down to 5 employees and the tasks are being performed much faster now with no extra cost - Just a premium axiom subscription. It took us about 2 weeks to build the system and test it.

The client is happy and saving a lot of money (6 salaries monthly) on it. I also built a friendly web-interface for the client to manage the work and connected it to the Axiom API -> so now they got like a real webapp dashboard. 5/5 in my opinion!

One last thing: Axiom evolves very fast! they keep introducting new features and workflows that are made available, to a point that even during my development of the recent system I built - I upgraded it on the fly with new features.

Niro Knox

Great onboarding.
Outstanding support.
Automate your browser workflows.

Download the chrome extension

Get started for FREE, with 2 hours runtime.

How no-code browser automation works

Website being automated with no-code browser automation tool

Axiom is a Chrome Extension

It's simple to install and free to try - no credit card required.

Once installed, pin Axiom to the Chrome Toolbar, and click on the icon to open and close.

Website being automated with no-code browser automation tool

Build custom bots, or use our templates

Every bot can be customised to your needs. Build as many as you need.

Website being automated with no-code browser automation tool

Automate with the user-interface

Automate actions like clicking and typing in any website.

Website being automated with no-code browser automation tool

Run, schedule or trigger from Zapier

Make your bots run manually, on a schedule, or integrate with Zapier to trigger on external events

Website being automated with no-code browser automation tool

“I've used a ton of tools in this category and Axiom is the best I've seen. Tons of powerful features, quick to set-up, and the support is fantastic"

Adam Schoenfeld

“Excellent tool, does exactly what I needed it to - thanks to the friendly and quick assistance of the support team! Highly recommend"

Jackie Skellie

“Today was my second day using this tool all I can say is...Bottastic!!! This tools is very user friendly and the support team is incredible

Odin Vazquez