Keyboard Input

# Enter data into forms

Axiom supports two ways to automate data entry and forms:

Enter text is like a person using a mouse and keyboard. They use the mouse to select a specific form input, before using the keyboard to enter data.

Press Key(s) is like a person that uses the keyboard alone - they press 'Tab' to move between inputs, and use keyboard shortcuts to get their work done. This includes keyboard shortcuts like 'Tab' or 'Ctrl-C', as well as data variables.

You can use either method at any time - pick the approach that works best for your input case.

# Record individual key presses

Use Press Key(s) to record individual key presses, and play them back during runtime.

All keyboard inputs will be recorded, including any keyboard shortcuts.

To navigate form inputs with this method, use the Tab keyboard shortcut, and tab N times, to select the correct input.

It is also possible to insert data into this step

Recording keypresses has these advantages:

  • ✅ Can be used when inputs cannot be selected
  • ✅ Can be used for keyboard shortcuts like 'Ctrl-C' or 'Ctrl-V' and 'Tab'
  • ✅ Bots are faster
  • ✅ Bots are more resiliant to page changes

Recording keypresses has these disadvantages:

  • ❌ If the order of inputs changes, incorrect data can be entered

# Paste text into form inputs

Use Enter Text to paste text into form inputs.

Axiom will use selectors to find specific form inputs, and paste text

Entering text into specific inputs has these advantages:

  • ✅ Guarantees data is matched to inputs exactly - will not enter data if no match found

Entering text into specific inputs has these disadvantages:

  • ❌ Less reliable if page structure changes
  • ❌ Slower than using the keyboard alone

# Automate keyboard shortcuts

Press Key(s) can be used to automate any web-application that has keyboard shortcuts

In addition to 'Ctrl-C', 'Ctrl-V', 'Tab' and 'Enter, axiom can issue other commands like 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' to navigate and automate a web-application as a human would.

# Scrape data with keyboard shortcuts

Press Key(s) can be used to scrape data, or assist in data scraping. Here are some examples: