Stopping Remote Bots

When scheduling bots, or running bots via webhook, Zapier or Integromat, you may find multiple bots start simultaneously and you need to stop these.

# Stop bots using the extension

Axiom will automatically track remote-running bots and allow you to stop them within the extension.

Any running bot will be indicated from the Axiom dashboard, and you can click the "Stop" button to stop it at any time.

# Stop bots via API

When you trigger axiom via the API, you'll be sent a URL to visit, which will contain the following pattern:


Note down the $POD and the $PASSWORD in the URL you are sent.

To stop a bot at the URL you've been given, visit the following URL:$POD&pw=$PASSWORD

You should see:


If you are unable to use the methods above to stop your bots, please email and we'll handle it.