Keyboard Input

# Axiom supports two ways to automate form inputs:

  • Enter text : Is like a person using a mouse and keyboard. They use the mouse to select a specific form input, before using the keyboard to enter data.
  • Press Key(s): Is like a person that uses the keyboard alone - they press Tab to move between inputs, and use keyboard shortcuts to get their work done. This includes keyboard shortcuts like Tab or Ctrl-C, as well as data variables.

You can use either method at any time - pick the approach that works best for your input case.

# Pressing Key(s)

  1. Create an Interact with a page's interface step
  2. Choose Press key(s) and record your input
  3. Use Tab and other keyboard shortcuts to navigate your form inputs
  4. You can insert data into Press key(s)

# Pros

  • ✅ Can be used when inputs cannot be selected
  • ✅ Bots are faster
  • ✅ Bots are generally more reliable

# Cons

  • ❌ If the order of inputs changes, incorrect data can be entered

# Enter Text

  1. Create an Interact with a page's interface step
  2. Choose Enter text
  3. Visually select the text field using your mouse
  4. You can insert data into Enter text

# Pros

  • ✅ Guarantees data is matched to inputs exactly - will not enter data if no match found

# Cons

  • ❌ Less reliable if page structure changes
  • ❌ Slower than keyboard-only