Get attachments from Gmail step

# What to use the Get attachments from Gmail step for

Use this step to search Google Mail for mails or attachments containing the specified keywords and download all attachments for the mail. Helpful in retrieving files such as invoices. We also have a Gmail step thats fetchs the text.

You can use this step to:

  • Extract invoices from Gmail
  • Grab CSV files from Gmail
  • Find images attached to Gmails

# How to configure the Get attachments from Gmail step

# Keywords

Enter a list of keywords to search on, each separated by a comma.

# Email address

Enter the email address of the Gmail account to be searched, leave blank to use the default Gmail address. You must be logged into a Gmail account in order to search it, if you are not logged into the specified account then the default Gmail account will be searched instead.

# Folder

Set a folder to download into (please note currently only one new folder can be created at a time)

# Max results

Set a maximum number of emails to retrieve.

# Output

A preview of the Gmail data gathered.

Configuration settings

    Step type