Webhook & API Documentation

Our API can be used to trigger and pass data to your automations from external services.

Please note this funcionality is only available to users with an Axiom pro tier subscription or higher.

# Webhook & API Description

Trigger an automation on your cloud instance by sending a POST request to https://lar.axiom.ai/api/v3/trigger from the external service.

The format of the POST should be JSON, and should have the following fields:

  • key: your API token, see here for instructions on how to generate your token;
  • name: the name of the Axiom to trigger;
  • data: either a list of comma seperated values, or a 2d array representing the data you want to send, organised as an array of columns of data. Example: [['Row 1 colA', 'Row 1 colB', 'Row 1 colC'], ['Row 2 colA', 'Row 2 colB', 'Row 2 colC']]


    "key": "1jf8SSbf73gfa",
    "name": "My Axiom",
    "data": [["A1", "B1", "C1"], ["A2", "B2", "C2"]]

# Generating your API token

Your API token can be generated from the Axiom extension by clicking on the 'Google Sheets and API key' link in the main menu and clicking the 'Create API Token' button. Please note down your API token and keep it somewhere safe, for security reasons it is not displayed within the extension. If you need to generate a new token it will invalidate previously generated tokens - you will then need to replace the invalid token anywhere that it has been previously used.

# How to use passed data in your automation

To use data sent to the API endpoint in your automation simply add a 'Receive data from another app' widget as the first step in your automation. The data sent when the automation is triggered will then be available to your automation as a token.